The school insists on discipline, punctuality, regular attendance, cleanliness and obedience. We expect our students
  • To be regular and punctual and must report school at least five minutes before the first bell.
  • To get written permission from the Principal for any type of leave.
  • Not to wear mufflers and woolen caps
  • To be neat and orderly in their appearance.
  • Not to have long nails, nail polish and jewelry
  • Not to use hair gels, which may lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • To have Identity card daily.
  • Not to miss any examination for any session. No re-examination will be allowed.
  • To stick to the moral tone of the school or else he/she is liable to be rusticated
  • Not to deface the walls or throw garbage here and there.
  • To take care of school property.
  • Not to celebrate birthday in school.
  • Not to prowl on the roads in school uniform during school hours.
  • To always converse in English during school hours.
  • Not to carry cell phones in the school campus, if found, it will be confiscated.
  • Not to buy any food items from street-vendors
  • Not to use motor bikes, unless having valid license.
  • Not to carry any electronic gadget or any other valuable, if brought will be confiscated.